Stay fit safely with Tai Chi,Qigong and Wushu

“Staying fit yet supple in a safe and correct way helps you grow strong, helps your balance and flexibility, and helps boost your defenses to illness.”

Now, it’s more important than ever to maintain your fitness and stay supple while confined at home.  TMS has an 1-health Tai Chi 10-week course available for you!

Tai Chi calms and focuses the mind, builds inner muscle and mind strength, creates a calming and energising state that helps people become more relaxed, grounded and present in their bodies, which lowers anxiety, stress and depression while improving memory, focus and sleep quality.

This course is for people who are genuinely interested in Tai Chi, Qigong and other oriental cultivation methods for the betterment of their health and wellbeing.

Note, people can always pre-register their interest for the next available course via the Contact us page.

Each Tai Chi session will run for 60 minutes. Remeber, dedicate 40–60 minutes to practicing each day may change your life.

Register my interest for the upcoming course and stay safe, stay strong, stay supple!


If you have concerns about your current level of fitness, contact Dapeng (0421 338 180) before you register and he can guide you on the best approach to achieving your desired fitness while staying safe and improving your flexibility and balance.

We teach Taichi & Mandarin

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Mr Dapeng Wang migrated to Canberra from China in early 2000. He holds a degree in Sports from Shanghai Sports University and a postgraduate qualification in teaching English as a second language. Throughout his entire life in China, he engaged in the intensive study of both Chinese classic literature and Wushu (Tai Chi/Kungfu), Over the past 20 years he has dedicated himself to research in the fields of classical Chinese language acquisition and traditional Chinese health cultivation methods.


Tai Chi 

Tai Chi philosophy and practice has existed and been admired for thousands of years without fading. Why? What you are performing is Tai Chi Quan, what you are cultivating is the mind.

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Wushu & Wrestling

This course has been designed for families in the Canberra. Primarily, it provides learning opportunities for children though, parents are required to join the program as part of the course requirements.

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Chinese for Business

China and Australia have reaffirmed their commitment to free trade, open markets and agreed to deepen cooperation in such areas as education, tourism, agriculture and innovation.

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Chinese for Beginners

Australia’s future engagement in the Asian Century acknowledges Mandarin Chinese as one of the top priority Asian languages.

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Chinese Cultural Awareness

Our China-specific training programs are designed for those who either plan to work in China or whose work in Australia involves frequent communication with Chinese nationals and counterparts.

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Tai Chi and/or Mandarin (One-One)

These lessons are ideal for students who want to make very rapid progress in their Tai Chi and/or Mandarin studies, and with those who prefer a non-group learning environment.

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Kung Fu For Families

in Canberra

Our program aims to start you on your journey to acquire the knowledge of traditional arts of Chinese Wushu (aka Kung Fu).

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Our Courses

Whether you’re a beginner or an expert. We offer range of classes to our new and existing students.

Quote from Dapeng Wang, 2005

Tai Chi & Mandarin Solutions not only develops students’ abilities in speaking Mandarin and emulating Chinese Tai Chi and Kung Fu movements, but moreover provides access to the principles and development of long standing language, arts and culture. This approach contextualises students’ knowledge and stimulates them to explore Chinese language and culture in greater depth


Chinese Language and Culture – Why Bother?

Why bother learning Mandarin Chinese language?  It might be that China is Australia’s largest bilateral

A dialogue between a Psychologist and a MA Professor

Psychology & Chinese Martial Arts – Chinese Martial Arts & Psychology Co-authors: Xiaopeng Wang, Matt

News for Canberra Parents – Mandarin & Kungfu classes for families

Dear Parents (in Canberra) Taichi & Mandarin Solutions (太极中文研习社) is a local Canberra organisation providing