Wang Xiaopeng

Honorary Principal

Wang Xiaopeng

Honorary Principal

Mr Xiaopeng Wang is an Associate Professor in (Physical Education – martial arts major) at Tongji University, Shanghai. He started his study of Wushu (martial arts) and Taichi in 1975. Xiaopeng is also a senior consultant of the Longwen Confucius Society at Tongji University and the Honorary Director of Taichi and Mandarin Solutions in the Australian Capital Territory. He is the winner of an international gold medal in the Taichi sword competition and a silver medal in the Xingyi Boxing event.

Xiaopeng was raised in the small county of Dangshan in the central plains of China, one of the top ten Wushu villages in China. He and his twin brother (Dapeng) started learning martial arts at a very early age under the guidance of their grandfather, a famous Chinese herbalist and martial artist.

In 1977, both brothers were selected to attend the local Wushu school to receive professional training. Six years later they started to study the family Wushu style of Grand Master Liu Yuntian, accomplished in Xinyi Liuhe (Mind-Intention and Six Harmonies Boxing) and Cha Quan. Grand Master Liu served as the first Head Coach of the Anhui Provincial Wushu Team since the liberation of China.

In 1989 Xiaopeng was admitted to the Wushu Department of Shanghai University of Sport (S.U.S) – the very first public university of its kind in New China, established in November 1952. During his time in S.U.S, he and his brother continued their intensive Taichi practice under the Grand Master Fu Zhongwen. At this time he also furthered his study of Mind-Intention and Six Harmonies Boxing under Grand Master Bai, one of the top disciples of the founder of the Shanghai school of this martial art (Mr Lu Songgao).

Upon his graduation from the S.U.S in 1993, he was employed as a lecturer in the Physical Education Department at Tongji University and has now been teaching there for over twenty-two years.  Since 2011, as a result of his teaching excellence, Xiaopeng has been regularly seconded to teach at various other schools within the University. His teaching approach combines Zen (Chan) philosophy with and martial arts instruction (Wu) and his Chan-wu classes are among the most popular of any classes at Tongji University.  Xiaopeng believes that Wushu including Tai Chi provides an opportunity to introduce discipline to practitioners and lead to more confidence and psychological wellbeing.’

In 2013, Xiaopeng was invited by the Chinese Wushu movie star Jet Li and the founder and executive chairman of the Alibaba Group Jack Ma to develop an online Taichi-Chan programme.

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