Are you new to learning Mandarin Chinese, Tai Chi and Kung Fu?

You may already know, Mandarin Chinese is one of the four priority languages listed in the Australian White Paper. It has also been recognised as the most valuable living philosophical language in our modern world. It is one of the secret gates to open over 5000 years of Chinese civilisation!

Furthermore, have you had any exposure to Chinese Tai Chi & Kung Fu? You may have also noticed that Tai Chi and Kung Fu have spread to almost every part of the world today. Why is that? The answer is because of the intangible elements embedded in its practice which are of highest value to our everyday living!

Some of you may have been thinking of giving them a go for quite some time. Why not join us now!

Here come more questions – ‘can I really do it?’ and ‘where should I start?’

Don’t panic, browse through the below text and video tutorials and you may well find an answer yourself!

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All these valuable Chinese cultural practices, although they originated in China yet a legacy to the world. Nothing should hold you back and make you hesitate to taking further steps to explore its richness as early as possible!

Dapeng Wang


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