Wushu Martial Arts (tailored training for families with young child/children)



14 October 2023 – 16 December 2023 (Saturdays – by term)


1:30pm – 2:30pm (10 sessions)


The Podium Garden
National Library of Australia
Parkes Place ACT 2600


This course is tailored for Children & Parents (your entire family)


This short course has been especially designed for families in the Canberra community. Primarily, it provides a special learning opportunity for children though parents are strongly encouraged to join all training sessions together with their children – as we believe this program reinforces family bonds and promotes physical, mental health and wellbeing for families in our community.

Chinese martial arts including Tai Chi is known as Wushu, the generic Mandarin Chinese term. In spite of its apparent focus on combat skills: kicking, punching, wrestling and so on, the true spirit of Wushu is, in fact, to cease the use of weapons and to promote peace, well-being and thus to live a harmonious life. Wushu also covers special ways of inner strength/energy cultivation methods named Daoyin and Qigong (pronounced Chi-gong). It is a system of exercises that utilises natural, gentle movements to help energise the mind and body.

Chinese Wushu has a long history and for thousands of years, it has been a sport of bravery, physical fitness and wisdom.