Tai Chi for Seniors – Retirement Village (North Canberra)



21 October 2023 – 23 December 2023 (Saturdays – by term)


11:15am – 12:15pm – (10 sessions)


94 Fullagar Cres, Higgins ACT 2615
The Henry Retirement Village Clubhouse
(No special equipment needed, just comfy attire and a water bottle)


Health & Wellbeing

Discover the art of Tai Chi and unlock a world of well-being in your senior years! Join us for an enriching experience every Saturday morning with the guidance of Mr Dapeng Wang.

Why Choose Tai Chi?

  • Boost balance, flexibility and strength
  • Relieve chronic pain and inflammation
  • Strengthen your immune system and heart health
  • Enhance mood, reduce stress and sharpen cognitive function

Join Our Welcoming Community

Meet new friends and enjoy a post-class coffee and chat at the peaceful clubhouse. Dapeng Wang, with over 30 years of Tai Chi teaching experience, will lead you through the graceful movements and explain their real-life benefits.

Tai Chi philosophy and practice has existed and been admired for thousands of years without fading. Why? What you are performing is Tai Chi Quan, what you are cultivating is the mind. The motion strengthens your body while the stillness calms your heart.

Tai Chi movement appears slow and gentle. It is because of this ‘moving cloud’ and ‘flowing water’ type of leisure which relaxes our body and mind, lets us feel calm……