Qigong/Daoyin for Fitness (Wednesday nights @ Dickson Studio ACT)



3 May 2023 – 5 July 2023 (Wednesdays – term 1)


6:15pm – 7:30pm – (10 sessions)

Qigong/Daoyin – for Health & Wellbeing (New)

The practice of Qigong and Daoyin has existed and been admired for thousands of years without fading. They are effective methods for our personal cultivation. The motion strengthens our body while the stillness calms our heart.

Its movements appear slow and gentle which allow us to breathe smoothly and better harness our energy flow within us and connect with the surrounding energy thus free us from unnecessary thoughts to further lead our mind to its utmost peace……

Let’s join Asso. Prof. Xiaopeng Wang to start your journey of this valuable practice. Note, we can only accommodate 8 people in the studio at one time, our apologies for the inconvenience.

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