Chinese for Business (Professionals) – Mondays



Private lessons only – available on Mondays


6:15pm – 7:45pm (10 sessions)


As you would likely be aware, China and Australia have reaffirmed their commitment to free trade, open markets and agreed to deepen cooperation in such areas as education, tourism and agriculture. A booming and healthy bilateral economic relationship with China benefits both countries. Business ties are continuing to expand with China firmly placed as Australia’s largest two-way trading partner.

To accommodate the increasing communication needs, TMS has designed a unique Business Mandarin package for our community. Interestingly, the difference between this Business Mandarin course and any other academic teaching course is that it opens the door for students to access Tai Chi exercise which is best understood as a health giving and relaxing exercise which incorporates slow motion martial arts movements which leads to a dynamic learning environment.

Acknowledging that doing business in China is based on relationships, there is no better way to impress a potential business partner than being able to demonstrate an understanding of ancient Chinese Tai Chi philosophy, the associated exercise methods and most importantly how these can be applied in your enterprise management.

The Business Mandarin course will take place over a period of ten weeks with 90 minutes of Mandarin study being followed by a further 60 minute session of Tai Chi exercise. It focusses on giving you the linguistic and cultural knowledge you need to improve your ability to do business in China.

The textbook used for this course is “Startup Business Chinese” Level 1, Jane C. M. Kuo, by Cheng & Tsui Chinese Language Series. ISBN 9780887274749

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