Classes and Enrolment

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Classes and Enrolment

Tai Chi / Wushu for Fitness
(Saturday morning outdoor group)

Tai Chi for Seniors
(Retirement Villages – Canberra)

Qigong / Daoyin for Fitness
(Wednesday night studio training)

Wushu Martial Arts
(tailored training for families with young child/children)

Chinese for Business

Chinese for Beginners
(Listening & Speaking)

Chinese Cultural Awareness
(Training & Workshop)

Private lessons

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As Lao-Tzu, the great Chinese philosopher, ever said ‘Knowing others is wisdom, knowing yourself is enlightenment’.

So, come along to discover the foundations behind Tai Chi, Chinese martial arts in our beginner friendly class. Learn relaxation skills, self-defense techniques, and health preservation methods along with its philosophy which you can take with you for the rest of your life. This dynamic and intensive course will give you world class training from China’s most respected martial arts athletes.

And our Business Mandarin language expert will help you to learn this popular language in its business context and rich culture. Doing business in China, to a much greater extent than in Australia, depends on first establishing rapport and mutual trust through a series of initial meetings. Your performance will give you the edge over your competitors and open doors of opportunity unavailable to others. If you are willing to connect yourself to the wisdom of traditional Chinese practices and build healthy business partnerships.