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TAI CHI, KUNG FU, MANDARIN CHINESE (language, culture and classics)

Our Aims


The fundamental purpose and philosophy of Taichi & Mandarin Solutions (TMS) is to introduce and share the knowledge about Health and Wellbeing using the practical application of the ancient art of Tai Chi, martial arts and Chinese language with the Australian community. This is achieved through an approach to teaching that combines energy, passion, and authenticity to impart practical wisdom for the betterment of all people in their everyday lives – whether young or old.

TMS Classes aim to light a spark in your heart and engage your mind and spirit. With a team composed of the world class professionals, TMS offers active care to inspire you and your loved ones, to be as healthy as you all can be. Following your step by step study of our Tai Chi and martial arts programs, you will notice your improved flexibility, energy and stamina which enable you to break down the artificially imposed barriers between you and your surroundings, making you more ‘in tune’ with nature.

TMS also offers Business Mandarin language tuition to professional groups and individuals: whether you are an entrepreneur with teams who have business dealings with China and Chinese clients, or you may be a Chinese herbal medicine practitioner whose mother tongue isn’t Chinese – this unique course is especially designed for you! We also deliver a workshop series to business or academic delegations to China, to build a high level of confidence to your team in Chinese language and culture before their departure.

While some of clients are enthusiastically developing their Business Mandarin language skills, concurrently choose to experience the authentic art of Taichi and its philosophy. They agree that this is absolutely vital for their everyday business operation and overall management.  With Taichi and its philosophy going hand in hand neither can be truly understood without the other!

Yes, our client-centric services aim to empower groups and individuals to competently grasp the essence of the ancient Chinese physical and mental cultivation methods and navigate the ever-changing Chinese cultural landscape to successfully fulfil their health and business objectives. For more information, contact us now.

Kung Fu For Families In Canberra

Our program aims to start you on your journey to acquire the knowledge of traditional arts of Chinese Wushu (aka Kung Fu).

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