TAI CHI, KUNG FU, MANDARIN CHINESE (language, culture and classics)

Our history & current focus

TMS has been active for many years in the Canberra community teaching Taichi and Chinese Wushu (aka Kung Fu) to individuals and groups, including the Australian Public Service, community and private sectors, secondary schools and higher education institutions. Since 2001, our programmes were run under the name of the Chinese Traditional Wushu and Health Academy.  We also have eight years of experience teaching Mandarin language to the Canberra community. Running two distinct programmes highlighted a key need; to offer a programme that integrated both Mandarin and Taichi classes, neither of which can be truly understood without the other. We are now delighted to offer our new Mandarin language and cultural teaching programme.   Classes at Taichi & Mandarin Solutions aim to light a spark in your heart and captivate your mind and spirit, by engaging in meaningful discussions with our traditional Chinese language and culture experts while, at the same time, experiencing the authentic art of Taichi and Wushu. Our current services also cover customised Chinese Cultural awareness training and Mandarin-English two-way Interpreting. Our client-directed services aim to empower individuals to competently navigate the ever-changing Chinese cultural landscape to successfully fulfil their organisational objectives.
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